About George Anastasopoulos

George spent 20 years in the corporate world with 4 companies, 20 job roles, and 20+ bosses. Tired of hearing himself and others declare “I can’t believe how much we’re asked to do” and “everything’s a priority”, George, ever the contrarian, refused to accept “that’s the way it is”. Since then, he’s dedicated his career to serving others, helping them transform from manager to leader, by changing the rules… doing less, accomplishing more and making a difference.


George has taught at the University of Toronto and Schulich Executive Education Centre, is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, a Certified Sales Leader with the Canadian Professional Sales Association, Certified Analyst with Thomas International on a variety of their assessment tools, and veteran business operator with a 20-year corporate career in senior sales, marketing, and general management roles. His clients include senior managers and executives, business owners, leadership teams, and driven people at all levels of their organization.

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